Excerpt and Review!

What an exciting day this is! Silent Hall has just received its first review, and what a review! I’m extremely flattered, and look forward to everyone getting a chance to read it!

Speaking of which…the Civilian Reader has kindly agreed to post an excerpt! If you want to read the first two chapters, which introduce two of my five main characters, you can do so here!

Seriously, it’s been a great day.

Why Has This Blog Been So Quiet Recently?

Because I’ve been writing. A lot.

My publishing contract states that I’ll have the final draft of CHARIOTS OF LAARNA, the sequel to SILENT HALL, by July. Now, I take that timeline with a big grain of salt, because the contract also said I’d have the final draft of SILENT HALL ready by September. Well, it’s February now, the book is at the proofreading stage, and my editor tells me we’re ahead of schedule. So nobody’s going to be holding me to that July deadline.

Still, I realized a while ago that July is a pretty good first-draft deadline. It’s the month after SILENT HALL comes out, so it’s probably a month at best before my editor starts pointedly asking me how that sequel is coming along. So I’m aiming to have a draft done by then.

How fast does that mean I have to write? Really, really fast. The sequel was only 18,000 words long at the end of January, whereas SILENT HALL clocks in at 152,000 words. At least sequels are generally shorter than debut novels, right?

That was a joke.

Anyway, that means hitting my July deadline will requires me to write about 30,000 words a month. A thousand words a day. These have to be words that I like and want to keep, mind you. Have I mentioned that I work full time and have two children under the age of four? My writing night has only begun before 11pm twice so far.

So that’s why I haven’t been blogging much, and why I haven’t spent much time on social media either besides the occasional re-post. My progress so far hasn’t been too bad: I’ve probably averaged 750 words a night rather than 1000, but that’s still about twice my pace for writing SILENT HALL. In any case, I’m still behind on my goal, so it’s back to writing for me. I’ll see you all when I resurface!


N.S. Dolkart is the author of Silent Hall, available for pre-order at any bookstore in the US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia, or New Zealand. It’s coming out in June, and it’s really good. You should buy it.