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Five refugees from a cursed island go looking for answers and change the world.

Excerpt from Silent Hall, courtesy of Civilian Reader

This excerpt includes the first two chapters, which introduce two of my five main characters.

Reviews of Silent Hall, book 1 in the series:

“This was crazy good! 4.8/5” – Koeur’s Book Reviews

“This is a very special debut novel. The quality of writing takes this tale way beyond a simple fantasy adventure.” – Strange Alliances

“An excellent debut from a new author. What a lush world of magics and peoples, gods, and dragons. What’s more, the author set it all in a patriarchal world, yet delivers some rather feminist notions in a very organic way. Likewise, there are nuggets about racism and even domestic violence, but done so subtly and woven in so smoothly that they don’t stand out as such. They just blend in to make a much rounder story that has a lot more to say than the typical medieval-patriarchy fantasy. A delightful surprise, and cleverly done.” – Women of Badassery

“If you are a reader of fantasy, I highly recommend Silent Hall, the first in Dolkart’s new series. Read it because you like a comfort read. Read it because you like to read about close friends succeeding together. Read it because you appreciate the value of ethical interaction that is so lost in most of the fantasy literature coming out today. Read it for its cleverness, read it for its endearing Talmud like study of a fantastical theology. Read it because of its feminist bent or its discussion of the value of knowledge and the fear that knowledge can generate. Read it to watch characters learn to love themselves. Read it because it’s raining outside. Whatever. Read it!” – Dirty Little Bookworm

“I believe any fan of epic fantasy, or anyone who just like a well written, focused character driven story,  will enjoy this book. If you’re big into Anthony Ryan’s Blood Song series, Michael Sullivan’s Ryiria series, Tim Marquitz’s Blood War series, or Jeff Salyard’s Bloodsounder’s Arc series, then this book should be a must read for you.” – The Bookwyrm Speaks

“Reading Silent Hall, I was impressed by just how well thought out and paced the narrative was. As a first novel, this is supremely good book.” – Misanthropester

“N. S. Dolkart’s debut novel, Silent Hall, is an epic fantasy adventure that explores new ground with a reluctant band of adventurers and really captures the reader’s attention.” – Looking for a Good Book

Silent Hall wages a war between selfish gods and a band of wanderers, whose strained friendship is their greatest weapon. The reader has no opportunity to lose interest in this tale.” – Cowering King

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