Why I hope Ted Cruz is Nominated

For months, I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that I hope Ted Cruz wins the Republican nomination. Why? Because for the last two presidential elections, conservatives have been lying to themselves in a way that endangers our country. When John McCain lost a race that no Republican could have won, conservatives said it was because he was a moderate. When Mitt Romney lost, it was because he was a “moderate.” I can’t overstate how much damage this argument has done to our country – it is this thinking that has encouraged ultraconservatives to run primary campaigns against slightly more practical ultraconservatives, creating a climate of fear among elected Republicans and thereby also creating the culture of brinksmanship that was so dominant in the Boehner years. It’s done real harm to our economy, to our most vulnerable citizens, and to our standing in the world.

Well, Ted Cruz is the Movement Conservative platform come to life, in all of its repulsive glory. A Ted Cruz loss would blow the conservative fantasy of their movement’s popularity to smithereens, because no one is more conservative than Ted Cruz. This is a man who attacked Donald Trump not for his open racism but for saying that we shouldn’t let Americans die in the streets. If he wins a nomination and then loses the general (as he almost surely would), the conservative movement may finally, finally lose its stranglehold on the party.

The danger was always that by some horrible circumstance, Cruz might then go on to win the general election. Well, folks, that looks nearly impossible now. In order to win the general, Cruz will first have to win the nomination at the convention despite having far fewer votes and delegates than Donald Trump, and then somehow unite the party. Put simply, that’s not going to happen. If you have some evidence somewhere that Donald Trump and his supporters are graceful losers, show me, because everything I’ve seen in the last months practically screams otherwise. So we’re starting from a place where Ted Cruz essentially steals the nomination from the Trump people, prompting an even greater crackup than a Trump nomination would. Trump has no incentive to play nice, and his supporters aren’t loyal Republican party people. A good third of the party would peel off to either write in “Trump” or stay home altogether, and you can’t win an election with only two thirds of just under half the country.

So this is the scenario I’ve been hoping for all along, and it looks like it may well happen: Ted Cruz is going to steal the nomination at the convention, and then be crushed in the general. The implications down-ballot are enormous. We may well be looking at a solidly Democratic Senate, a House that’s much closer than expected, and a President Clinton empowered to nominate whomever she pleases to the Supreme Court, for however many vacancies open up within the next two to four years. What kind of a person will she likely nominate? Well, let’s see. Last time we had a Clinton in office – the more conservative Clinton, mind you – we ended up with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I’m very happy right now.


N.S. Dolkart is the author of Silent Hall, available for pre-order at any bookstore in the US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia, or New Zealand. It’s coming out in June, and it’s really good. You should buy it.

2 thoughts on “Why I hope Ted Cruz is Nominated

  1. Why would a hone thi k trump is rather it when he fought and won the right for jews and blacks to belong to the elite private clubs..and he won this was years ago and after the civil rights movement that was super to stop discrimination but we’re still discriminating against jews and nlacks..cruz and his wife exspecially belong to the NWO.do u want a country without borders..are u an idiot.u want your children growing up in a world of criminal illegal aliens or Muslim terrorist who sneak in or not vetted properly..I want my children and granchildren living in a safe environment not one where they they have to be constantly worried..and can have a decent job not worried about paying rent eating or feeding there children or getting health carewhile illegals are living free food stamps and health if u lo e your children u dont want them living under those conditions do u…care.. or u just plain stupid and uninformed u haven’t done your homework. .


    1. Mary, I’m glad we live in a big, beautiful country where people can disagree so fundamentally about politics and the world, but still respect each other’s freedom of speech and freedom of thought. I doubt I can convince you of my viewpoint, since I think we are coming from such different places culturally and politically, but I’d still like to explain my positions on refugees and “illegal” immigration, since you brought these subjects up.

      I work in a nursing home, and I’ve had elderly residents tell me (as if I didn’t know) that back in the old days, you had to have a sponsor if you wanted to come to the United States. Mary, my father’s grandfather was sent back to Germany where he was murdered by the Nazis, all because he couldn’t find a sponsor when he visited the US. I find the notion that we should turn away refugees morally repulsive. We are all going to die one day, Mary. What good is our safety or our children’s safety if we are teaching our children to be heartless, to fear our fellow human beings instead of loving them?

      As for having a country with borders, let me tell you a little bit about the *legal* immigration system. As I said, I work in a nursing home. I have many coworkers who are from other countries, in particular a lot from Haiti, Uganda, and various South and Central American countries. I have a coworker, an American citizen, whose Haitian fiancee recently got a special visa so that she could come to the United States and marry him. After they got married, this gentleman asked me for help looking over his new wife’s immigration paperwork, since these forms can be very confusing and I’m pretty good at translating legalese into plain English. Mary, it is shockingly difficult to get a green card and become a legal permanent resident. This man, who works two jobs and still makes less than I do, had to send THOUSANDS of dollars to the US government just to have his wife’s case considered, and if her application is rejected he still won’t get the money back. He had to prove on these forms that he would be able to keep his wife off of public assistance. He also had to sign a paper saying that even if he and his wife get divorced, he will still be responsible for supporting her for as long as she stays in the US, to the point where she could sue to have his wages garnished if he failed to keep her off of public assistance. All this just to let his wife live in the same country as him.

      Their application is still pending, but I’m telling you this story so that you will understand how we end up with so many of the people that you call “illegals.” It has nothing to do with border security, and Donald Trump’s wall will do nothing to fix the problem. What happens is that people come to this country legally, fair and square, and then the legal immigration system fails them. Their visas expire, their applications for permanent residency are rejected (or maybe they can’t even figure out how to apply, since not everyone has a coworker who will interpret their convoluted immigration forms for free), and they end up staying without any legal status. They didn’t sneak over some border; they got here by airplane same as anyone else. Their status shifted from legal to illegal after they were already here for months. So regardless of whether I’m an idiot, the “criminal illegal aliens” you’re so afraid of are going to be a part of my children’s world whether our country enforces its borders or not.


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